Friday, February 17, 2017

Road To Kelantan..

As salam..we went to Kelantan..hahaha..sounds that Kelantan was farther from my hometown right..actually,Kelantan was neighbour to my hometown,Besut laa..macam jauh sgt..saje je nak buat ayat gempak..gempak la sgt..we went to shopping my house's interior accessories..just want to survey the price..window shopping jerr..tgk ank teruna tu..bkn main die berselfie..smiling like an adult right?? you baby boy..and not to forget the big boy you so muchhhh...mmuuahh

hahaha..nampak lubang idong jeee..kihkihkih

comel sgt die senyummmm..

ok baiii..

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SeGaLaNya UnTuKMu..AbaH dan Ummi