Sunday, May 13, 2012

D.I.Y (Crepe Paper Rose Pomanders)

Jom belajar buat hiasan lak..hehe..saje2 je..kalau dh pndai leh la hias pelamin sndiri..suke suke suke...

Today I came across these super cute Crepe Paper Rose Pomanders made by Shelley Smith from the House of Smiths blog. Shelley’s easy and inexpensive DIY project is perfect for any wedding reception or bridal shower decor. Make sure you head over to Shelley’s blog for more DIY projects and tips.
Here are the DIY step-by-step instructions from Shelley:
Craft Supplies Needed
Styrofoam Ball Forms
Crepe Paper Streamers {Color of your choosing}
Glue Gun & Lots of Glue Sticks
Roll of Tape
Measuring Stick
1. Cut the crepe paper strips at 24 inches in length.
2. Crumpled the strips to make them softer and more fabric looking, then straighten them out.
3. Begin to roll, starting small… and then get a little looser, like a real rose.
Periodically, about 4 or 5 turns in, put a dot of glue on the end, by your thumb, to keep it from unraveling.
4. Wind the paper around the middle base roll, and twist at the same time so that it looks MORE like a rose and LESS like a cinnamon roll. Be patient with the first few flowers. It takes a couple to get it down. But once you do… you’ll fly through them!
5. Here’s the end of the rose. Gather the end piece of crepe paper and then add a dab of glue to the outside of the rose itself, and stick it on the edge.

6. Set it down… and let the glue do it’s magic!
7. Seriously, you CAN’T mess these up! After you have a few roses done, start putting them on the ball.
8. If some roses have longer stems than others just cut off the stem so that they can sit nicely flat on the ball form.
9. Add a little puddle of hot glue on the ball, lightly press the rose on and you’re good to go!  Use a roll of tape to help keep the ball from rolling around on the table. Make sure not to put the roses TOO close together or they’ll look crowded.
10. Once they are all done, use ribbon and some sewing push pins to adhere the ribbon to the ball and hang them anywhere you want!
Here’s another way Shelley displays some of these rose pomanders. They are simply charming!
{Photos provided by House of Smiths}

source : wedshare



  1. wah cantik nya..nampak senang je..

    jemput singgah,

  2. Salam.. kami sediakan tempahan crepe paper flower utk wedding etc.. special price . Jom singgah

  3. Salam.. kami sediakan tempahan crepe paper flower utk wedding etc.. special price . Jom singgah

  4. hi, where do u buy the rolls of crepe paper?


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